T a X i o n g

[tah] interjection. British Slang. 1. thank you. noun. 2. a young disillusioned girl struggling to to find something in life she loves. 3. an airheaded happy-go-lucky girl who hides not so pretty tendencies. 4. a girl who loves the original Little Mermaid the most as her favorite Princess; she was the only Princess to leave what she knew to get what she wanted. although she was always in pain, she was happy. although she ended up dying, she could say she chose it. She chose her life, not anyone or anything else.

My name is T-A. Ta. Two letters, don't forget it. I am learning life through other's eyes and quite occasionally, through my own eyes too. Life is difficult, but it seems to get easier as you act more airheaded. It's ok, a little but of ignorance is a whole lot of bliss.

Remember, smile and nod.


Treat a girl like a person, then a princess, then a Greek goddess, then a person again.

Psych (Shawn Spencer)

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